"Alien from the Darkness": A Review
THIS IS A HENTAI REVIEW. The images are censored, but please be aware that the anime I'm reviewing is for people 18+ only.


Yup, that accurately sums up "Alien from the Darkness." Surprisingly though, this 45-minute hentai OVA isn't bad. There's a story, atmosphere, pretty good animation, and the characters have normal sized boobs! GASP!

So we start with an all-female, mostly-lesbian crew of astronauts boarding a huge spaceship that sent them an SOS. Surprisingly, the crew isn't wearing revealing or skintight clothing, but semi-bulky spacesuits.


Unsurprisingly, the entire population of this huge-ass spaceship is dead. The men all look like dried-out beef jerky.


The woman are all covered in some slimy stuff. There's one woman hanging upside-down from the ceiling. Covered in green jello. I really want to know the story behind that one.


As the crew investigates the ship, our heroine Hikari discovers some sort of chemical weapon called "Metrogria" on the corpse of a man. Plot device ahoy! The crew then discovers the lone survivor in cryosleep, the attractive and unscathed Flair Mytomeyer, who cannot speak. Surely nothing could be wrong with this scenario.


Back on the smaller ship, Flair is hauled into sick bay and the crew discusses what could have possibly happened on the bigger ship, ignoring the somewhat obvious answer. Hikari shows the captain the metrogria she found, and it is promptly put away in a safe location. The captain decides to blow up the huge ship, much to the crew's protest, but agrees to first do one last search for survivors. Before that though, we have some filler where Hikari's pet ferret decides to... climb into her bra. Okay. Well, I guess it's not as bad some of the sick fantasies die-hard furries dream up.


Meanwhile, we get a sex scene involving the captain, who is apparently named Sara if we can trust the woman who's yelling out her name. Sara is also apparently the girlfriend of the ship's doctor, Hilda.


Meanwhile again, the youngest-looking member of the crew, Annie, goes to visit Flair in sick bay. Flair seduces her, and they make out... before Flair grows tentacles out of her back and assaults her. Mind you, the only way we know this is through a shadow on the wall, which I thought was a nice touch.


But the only thing I'm thinking at this point is, "good God I hope Annie is at least 18..." Oh yeah, and the ferret witnesses this, which freaks the poor guy out so much that he turns into a negative image.


The ferret runs off and finds Hikari, who was looking for him. Annie walks by glassy-eyed, and doesn't seem to notice Hikari. The crew finally goes back to the big-ass ship and does one more check, but Annie doesn't seem to be feeling well. She backs up to the edge of a railing and falls to her doom, but she doesn't bleed red - she bleeds green slime. DUH DUH DUNN.


The rest of the crew retreats to the smaller ship and blows up the big one. We cut to the exercise room, where the annoying and whiny Lindo flirts with the butch and beefy Keith. I guess Annie's death wasn't all that upsetting. Keith, understandably, tells her in so many word to piss off. Hikari is in the bridge decoding some data from the other ship, when Hilda walks in and asks if she's seen where Flair went. Hilda proceeds to flirt with Hikari, who is possibly the only straight girl on board, as she rejects her advances and seems embarrassed by it.


Hikari goes looking for her pet ferret again, and this time finds something else too - A whole case full of metrogria hidden under a floor grate. She puts it back and decides to go tell the captain, but when she turns around, Flair is right there. The ferret goes nuts and starts hissing at her, which I guess disrupted her literal "power of seduction," because she can't seem to seduce Hikari. Hikari turns to scold the ferret, but when she turns back Flair is gone.


Flair then somehow gets into Keith's room. Damn, that girl is fast. According to the unwritten laws of anime, there has to be a shower scene, so Keith walks out of the shower with a towel on. Flair proceeds to seduce Keith and rip her towel off, then grows tentacles and does just what you'd expect her to do with those tentacles.


At lunch, Hikari prepares to tell the captain about the metrogria, but the suddenly Keith goes bat-guano insane and has to be straightjacketed and taken to sick bay. Oh, and part of Lindo's arm disappears.


Captain Sara and Hilda make out in sick bay, but are cut short when Keith breaks free and tries to strangle the captain. Hilda just stands there like an idiot while Sara gets a gun and shoots Keith... several times. Overkill much? Still, she's genuinely upset at what she just did. The room then goes dark, and Flair finally reveals her tentacles to the captain and Hilda, who AT LAST figure out that she killed the other crew. Only took them half the running time of this OVA...

Hikari is in the computer... room... thing... and finishes decoding the data, which essentially tells the audience what they already know; that Flair is an alien who sucks energy out of men and tries to lay its eggs in women.


Flair, meanwhile, has transformed into a generic-looking mid-90s anime alien monster and proceeds to lay her eggs in Hilda and Sara. The gun seems to have no effect on her at all. Hikari's appropriately-named sister Yuri, who serves no real purpose other than to make the audience feel for Hikari when Yuri is inevitably killed off, enters sick bay and sees all the weird crap going on. She barely escapes, and goes to warn Hikari about the alien menace. The two grab some guns and run back to sick bay, where they find an unsurprisingly insane (and nude) Hilda. Hilda shoots up the room and hits the window, which breaks and sucks her into the void of space before an emergency shutter closes over it. She looks awfully happy about it, too.


Hikari and Yuri go off to find and destroy the alien, and stumble upon Sara, who inexplicably is not crazy. But don't worry, she still dies like everyone else. They then encounter the alien, who is of course immune to all weaponry. They finally realize this and retreat for the moment, and find Lindo in a cargo room, hunched over the metrogria. Lindo admits she was going to sell it to the highest bidder, and holds the two at gunpoint. But what's this? The alien is behind her!


So the alien does its thing to Lindo, and traps Yuri in the process. Yuri forces Hikari to leave by pushing her out the door and closing it. A distraught Hikari fetches the metrogria that had been put away earlier to use as a last-ditch weapon against the alien, and then goes back to destroy it, but Yuri is nowhere to be seen. Assuming she is dead, Hikari lures the alien towards her, but the alien catches her and knocks her gun away. If you ask me, she could've shot the metrogria at a distance. Anyhow, the ferret saves the day by biting the alien's egg-laying tentacle. Apparently ferret bites hurt more than rayguns, because the alien drops Hikari, who at last shoots the metrogria capsule at it.


The alien is fatally wounded, and Hikari escapes, blowing it out an airlock... which she could've done without needing the metrogria. Weird. Anyhow, she mourns her sister, the end.


There is an after-credits scene of Yuri hugging Hikari, but Yuri grins evilly as the ferret hisses. UH-OH! I'm told that there's a deleted scene of Hikari killing the now-infected Yuri though.

So how does "Alien from the Darkness" hold up? Well... it was pretty good. In the 90's. Now it's simply mediocre as far as animation goes, but it's still nice to see a hentai with some story and no watermelons-for-boobs. Recommended for oldschool scifi-horror anime fans and space horror fanatics, but it's not for everyone. There are some mildly stupid things in the plot, and I've heard the English dub is pretty bad, but it's watchable in Japanese. It's certainly not the "Roots Search" of hentai.

My first hanken cel!
I recently won my first hanken cel from Y!Auctions Japan. For those who don't know, a hanken cel is a cel used for things like VHS/DVD/book/comic covers. So they're quite a bit rarer than animation cels. The one I got is a nice profile shot of Hikari in her spacesuit from Alien from the Darkness, which is...

... a yuri tentacle hentai. Yeah.

It's still a freaking gorgeous cel, even though it has a little bit of line and paint damage. It also comes with two matching pencil sketches. Oddly enough, I have never found animation cels from this anime, so I was surprised to see a hanken cel from it.


The Humanoid: RAW vs USA Release
I was watching the Japanese RAW for the 1986 anime OVA "The Humanoid," and I noticed some... considerable... differences in the animation quality. The top caps are from the US release, and the bottom ones are from the Japanese release.

Some of the changes aren't too bad, like changes in shading or lighting.




A few are actually an improvement, like the added reflections in Antoinette's eyes here. Her eyes look very, very creepy without them... like staring into the dark, nebulous fathoms of the darkest pits of of R'lyeh.


Some are a little weird. Why are these two sitting on beehive boxes?


It's not that hard to draw eyes lined up properly, guys...


A couple of brief scenes were cut altogether.



Some changes just make me wonder why the hell Central Park Media chose this particular print for the US DVD release.

You'd think their spaceship would've come furnished...


Wha... what the hell?...


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